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Sleep for Children Long Haul Flights   - Winkie Enchanting Story to Soothe Your Child to Sleep:

Don't get on a long haul flight without this!

My 3 year old and 6 year old loved the story on this cd and it certainly encouraged them to sleep on a night flight back from Florida. The cd starts with a lovely story about Wee Willie Winkle and the town clock which is told by a lady with an extremely calm and relaxing voice. Once the story finishes the cd continues with the sound of the town clock and some soothing music. It runs for just under an hour but both of my children were fast asleep way before this. The positive result of having this cd was that the flight was nice and relaxing, giving us parents a chance to rest, and my children didn't suffer too badly with jet lag during the following days.

Nicola Meir: Kent

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Sleep on long haul flights


I regularly travel on long haul for business and always find it difficult to sleep with the many distractions on board. In the past I have tried many of the offerings onboard to no avail. A friend recommend I try this CD. I was a little sceptical at first but thought I would give it a go. Wow what can I say excellent, it worked! Best of all i felt refreshed after the flight for the first time! An absolute must have.

Jo G: UK

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Sleep Sleep Sleep now... For children

After my 9 and 6 year old's were foolishly allowed to watch Torchwood by a babysitter, getting the boys to sleep, interrupted nights and wet beds have been an ongoing problem, despite them both previously being excellent sleepers. After a month of this, and in desperation, I gave the child sleep CD a try. Unbelievable! It had immediate results. Both children loved the content, were asleep within 20 minutes and most impressively have had a full night's sleep every night since. It has been a life saver for our family and my sanity.

I would strongly recommend this CD to anyone experiencing any child sleep problems.

Dawn F: Hampshire

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Sleep Sleep Sleep now... For adults

I have had many years of only getting 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night, due to restlessness and an overactive mind.  I have tried numerous sleeping tablets and hot drinks but none have really made any difference.  Therefore I was willing to try anything – even a CD!  As I lay awake skeptically listening I found that it wasn’t just relaxing music but some actual good advice on relaxation techniques. I tried putting these into practice and continued to listen to the CD ……..  the next thing I knew I was awake only an hour before my alarm was due to go off – it seems that I didn’t even hear the end of the CD.

 I would strongly recommend this product as an aid to sleep and relaxation.

 Lisa:  Hampshire

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Sleep sleep sleep....  For children 

I bought the Sleep CD for my Daughter who is 4 years old.  She absolutely loves the stories.  She asks for the CD to be played every night as she has never stayed awake long enough to hear the whole story.  This CD proved invaluable as my toddler would wake at night when our new baby woke for a feed.  She was having difficulty settling back down, now she just puts the CD on and falls straight back to sleep.

I would recommend this CD to all parents for children with sleep problems or not!  Your toddler will love it and want to listen to it again and again.

Graham D:  Andover

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Sleep Sleep Sleep now... For children 

My 10 year old son has always had great difficulty getting off to sleep at night.  This affected him at school as he was tired during the day and lacked concentration.  He was therefore not achieving and his behaviour was deteriorating.  I bought the ‘Sleep Sleep Sleep now... child’ CD to see if it worked on him.  The effect on him was immediate. The first night he was asleep in minutes but as he had had a late night the night before I thought that perhaps that was the reason.  However, he has been using it now for two weeks and has been asleep in minutes every time!  He now puts it on himself and settles down to sleep.  It honestly seems like a miracle has occurred!  It has had a knock on effect during the day as he has much more energy, his concentration is better and his eating is better.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this CD to anyone who finds themselves in this position as it has had such a positive result.

Helen G:  Hampshire

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Sleep Sleep sleep now... For baby

Samuel was born four and a half weeks premature so spent his first two weeks of life in special care.  The feed routine in SCBU is so rigid that I did not think for one minute that when leaving hospital Samuel would become nocturnal.  For the first couple of weeks at home Samuel would not settle to sleep until the early hours of the morning, leaving my partener and I both incredibly tired so I knew I had to try something to help settle him.  It was quite amazing to see Samuel respond to this cd.  When I put it on, it took him about 30 seconds to recognise the sounds, and then his body just relaxed and you could see him continue to listen.  I now use this cd every night to settle him and I also put it on when doing his night feeds and I believe it makes a difference.  His sleep has improved dramatically, so thank you The Shhhhh Company! Thank you.

Malissa Harding

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Sleep Sleep Sleep now... For baby

I have been using the baby sleep CD since the birth of my baby.  It is so relaxing for me to listen to and my baby seems to recognise the music as soon as I put it on.  I do not usually use it during the day as I am often out and about. I always play it when I am feeding at night as part of our routine which seems to settle him and me! It is a great CD.

This CD is a must for all parents to help settle baby into a good night routine. I highly recommend it.

M:  London

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Bonding with Baby

I was given the ‘Bonding with baby’ CD as a gift when I was pregnant with my 4th child.  I listened to it with my mum before I gave birth.  Mum and I were amazed at the new things that we learnt, especially about baby’s senses and how they recognise things from birth.  I found the CD really relaxing and very professional.  When my son was born I tried the bonding technique, it was absolutely lovely.  I felt very relaxed and my son fell asleep during the CD.  I felt that we had spent some really special time together which can be difficult in house full of children. I did not think that I could learn anything new with a 4th child, but I have! 

I would recommend this to all parents.

J:  London

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Relaxation for a Healthy Life

I was feeling very low, unfocused and stressed. I bought the ‘Relaxation for a Healthy Life’ CD which has a variety of relaxation techniques. I have found this CD to be very positive with hidden depths, I no longer feel stressed or unfocused my mind feels clear and I cope with life so much better. Some techniques I use first thing in the morning others at the end of the day to wind down and help me sleep. My favourite technique is ‘the inner smile’.

I would recommend this CD to everyone, we all have a little stress in our life, this CD will make you feel great.

Kelly M: Hampshire

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Sleep Sleep Sleep now... For adults

I had surgery and was having difficulty sleeping so I bought the Sleep sleep sleep now... for adult CD.  I wasn't sure if it would help but thought I would give it a go.  The first night I used it I slept right through the night for the first time in 5 mouths, I tried it again the next night with the same result.  I am still using the CD as I enjoy how relaxed it makes me feel, I never get to the end as I fall asleep before it finishes.  My husband now also listens to the CD and falls asleep very quickly.

I would recommend this CD to anyone who has problems sleeping.

Jo:  Hampshire

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Sleep Sleep Sleep now... For children

I am a mother of two and my eldest daughter who is eleven was having difficulty going to sleep or once asleep was waking in the night and struggling to get back off to sleep.  This was having a knock on affect with her mood and her school work. 

The sleep sleep sleep now child CD was recommended to me.  From the first night I played the CD to her, she went straight to sleep and in fact did not wake at all during the night; she woke in the morning fully refreshed.  Every night since, she goes to bed and insists on having the CD played as she absolutely loves it and has a good night sleep every night. 

I highly recommend this CD to any parent who has a child with difficulties in sleeping. 

K Thorne:  Hampshire

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Sleep Sleep sleep now... For baby

I have been having sleepless nights, especially after a hard day at work. I work as a busy district nurse and tend to bring my work home with me.  I was looking for a relaxing CD to help me sleep.  I decided to download the Sleep Sleep Sleep now...baby CD as I fell in love with the music, even though i knew it was meant for babies.  I wanted to give it a try and have been amazed by the results as it instills a sense of calm and helps me to relax and forget about the days issues enabling me to fall asleep.  

I feel this CD is not only helpful to babies but helps adults sleep too.  I am really looking forward to further products from this company. 

Rachel:  Poole

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Sleep Sleep Sleep now... For children

"I have used the Sleep Sleep Sleep now  CD for children as a device to calm down my son who has special needs (global developmental delay).  His behaviour often borders on autistic and he can get very agitated especially near to his bedtime.  When I played the CD all of his aggression and stress vanished and he became calm and peaceful. It was truly astounding to witness. I shall be using this CD regularly at bedtimes. He still wanted his story but he settled so much quicker than normally.  Truly remarkable.

Dominic Beeton

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Relaxation Techniques for a Healthy Life

Personally I think the ‘Relaxation Techniques for a Healthy Life’ CD is brilliant. I have experienced a real boost since listening to it. I really enjoy the positivity I feel after listening to ‘The Inner Smile’ technique.  What I love the most is there are different techniques to suit any time of day.

I highly recommend this CD.

S. Ingram 

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