As all files downloaded from 'Natural Harmony Productions'  are in the MP3 format, you can use the music with any MP3 player you choose. These players include iPods, MP3 players and many models of mobile phones. In the case of mobile phones, it is important that you ensure that your phone does support the MP3 file format, or that it has its own software which will convert the file for transfer to your phone. We recommend that you read your player or phone manufacturer’s documentation thoroughly before attempting to transfer files from your computer to your phone.

Transferring your digital audio file(s) to portable players may be different depending on which player you own. Here are some basic guidelines on how to transfer files from a Windows-based PC or a Mac to an MP3 player, or an iPod.

If you have downloaded from' Natural Harmony Productions' your MP3s will be in a ZIP file, you may need to extract the tracks first before you use your music in iTunes, Windows Media Player or other music software.

How do I use ZIP files?

Open the ZIP file and click ‘Extract all files’, which will launch the ‘Compressed (Zipped) Folders Extraction Wizard’. Click ‘Next’ then select the location you would like to extract/save the music to. We recommend that you create a 'Harmony' folder to make it easier to remember where all your downloads are saved to. Click ‘Next’ and the extraction will take place. Click ‘Finish’ and the files can then be played directly with your choice of music player.

ZIP files are compressed files or folders which save disk space and reduce download time. ZIP files need to be unzipped/have their files extracted in order to use their content. Please refer to your ZIP application Help area for more details.


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