Frequently asked questions

Q. Do you have a bedtime story book to help my child sleep?

A. Yes I am happy to say  'Twinkle and the Magic Carpet' has just been published on Amazon kindle and as a paper back.  Follow the link below to get your own copy now.

Q. How do I get my child to sleep on a long haul flight?

A. We advise when planning a holiday it is important to prepare children and to maintain and strengthen their sleep routine. Children need and respond well to routine as they use these as triggers and safety bolts which new events that happen each day can be made sense of.    This will help your child to feel safe and secure even in unfamiliar surroundings. Download one of the 'Sleep for children on long haul flights' prior to your planned trip,  this will give you the ability to set up a sleep trigger, where by you will see your child settle and sleep soundly and can relax knowing you have taken all the right steps for optimum success.

 Q. Can I listen to any of your products whilst driving my car?

A.  No.  All of our products are designed to relax you or send you or your children to sleep. These products should never be listened to in a car or whilst operating machinery.  The best way to enjoy our products is to find somewhere quiet and comfortable to relax and enjoy!   

Q. How long do babies sleep for?

A.  New babies sleep for approximately 16 hours a day.  There is no set pattern in the early days as they have not developed their circadian rhythm.  Their early sleep patterns are usually governed by their need for food and comfort.  To enable your baby to sleep well it is important to establish a good bedtime routine with cues to help them go off to sleep.  The beautiful ‘Sleep Sleep Sleep now... baby’ CD used in conjunction with a good bedtime routine will enable your baby to identify their sleep cue shhhhh.

Click to listen now:       Sleep Sleep Sleep now... baby

Q. How do I get my toddler to sleep?

A.  Establishing a good bedtime routine is vital to promote settled bedtimes for your toddler.  For example, try a routine of supper, bath and a story which is preferably listened to when they are in their bed.  The ‘Sleep Sleep Sleep now... child’ CD has two stories based on well known nursery rhymes.  Each track lasts for 26 minutes.  These beautiful rhythmic stories layered over the most delicate relaxing music are an ideal combination to relax and lull your child into a calming peaceful sleep. You will be amazed by the results!

Click to listen now:       Sleep Sleep Sleep now... toddler/child

Q. I am having trouble sleeping at night.  What should I do?

A.  There are a number of things that you can do to promote a healthy sleep cycle. Regular, moderate exercise 3-4 times a week will make it easier for you to fall asleep.  Exposure to sunlight is important as it helps to regulate your internal body clock.  Diet is also an important factor in healthy sleep.  A good night’s sleep is vital for your physical health and your emotional well being.  Listen to the powerful ‘Sleep Sleep Sleep now... adult’ CD which has been produced to calm your mind and relax your body guiding you easily and gently into a deep relaxing sleep.

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Q. What is bonding?

A.  Bonding is a deep secure attachment between you and your baby.  This attachment is formed throughout your pregnancy as you feel baby kicking and growing inside you.  Following birth bonding is a unique process of communication which parents and babies are magnetically drawn to through touch, vision, hearing and smell.  For more information listen to the unique ‘Bonding with Baby’ CD and experience the beautiful bonding sequence for you and your baby.

Click to listen now:       Bonding with Baby

Q. What causes stress?

A.  It is important to first understand why you are stressed.  Stress begins to affect your health when there is a constant arousal of the stress response which can lead to serious health problems.  This constant arousal is often called negative stress. Quite often it can be everyday problems like work pressure, your lifestyle and managing busy homes.  It is important to identify and manage your stress trigger.

Q. How can I alleviate stress?

A.  Try and remove as many of the stress triggers as possible from your everyday life.  Try any of the technique on our ‘Relaxation techniques for a Healthy Life’ CD.  These techniques range from 3 minute to 20 minutes enabling even those with limited time to benefit.  It is advisable to practice at least one of these exercises daily as this will help you to relax and unleash your ability to promote wellness and a stress free life.

Click to listen now:       Relaxation Techniques for a Healthy Life

Q. What is postnatal depression?

A.  Postnatal depression is an episode of depression that happens to occur after the birth of a baby.  It can affect anyone who has had a baby from birth up to the first year after delivery but most commonly within the first 7 months.  The levels of severity and longevity are different for everyone;

Q. What is the post baby blues?

A.  The ‘baby blues’ is the most common cause of low mood in women following delivery and typically this occurs in the first few days.  The prevalence of this condition varies with different studies but is recorded as high as 85% of women.  The ‘baby blues’ is usually described as a transient low mood that last usually up to the 10th day post delivery.


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