Sleep on Long-Haul Fights (CD) SOLD OUT


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Being deprived of sleep is not an enjoyable way to start or end your holiday or business trip. Getting some good quality sleep on a long haul flight can make the world of difference. This sleep CD will help you to sleep even in the most distracting surroundings by calming your mind and relaxing your body guiding you easily and gently into a deep relaxing sleep, ensuring you arrive refreshed and relaxed at your destination. This CD has been written with specialist advice from travel professionals.

In this carefully crafted CD Anna’s soft hypnotic voice guides you gently to relax your body
and mind enabling you a peaceful and tranquil sleep..This is complimented by ambient
music and the unique comforting Shhhhh sound inducing slow rhythmic breathing which
continues throughout allowing you to drift off and sleep deeply.
Audio Anna Rowe: Written and produced by Anna Rowe
Music by: Paul Ferguson
 ©& (p) 2010 Natural Harmony Productions Ltd


Total running time 52 minutes.

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