Sleep for Children on Long Haul Flights (Second Edition: Wee Willie Winkie)(Download)


When Children and toddlers have no sleep it can affect their behaviour and make them very irritable and fidgety. For parents and fellow passengers this can be quite an ordeal and cause much anxiety before and during the flight. This second edition has been re-recorded with specialist advice from travel professionals. A good quality sleep on a long haul flight can make the world of difference to children

As well as taking items for entertaining your child/children on a long haul flight, it is also agood idea to take items to help them relax and sleep. Children are soothed by music and the sound of a gentle calming voice. The combination of the rhythm of the story telling along with the music is perfect to help relax and lull your child into a calming peaceful sleep.
Wee Willie Winkie: .Total running time 53 minutes.
This rhyming lyrical story follows the imagination of a child with his toys and friends at play. This beautiful adaptation is based on Wee Willie Winkies adventures around the town clock which is ticking and tocking towards 8 o’clock. The soft ambient music is accompanied by the rhythm of a gentle tick tock which continues after the story to lull your child to sleep.
Audio Anna Rowe: Written by Anna Rowe and Val Clews.
Music by: Paul Ferguson
©& (p) 2010 Natural Harmony Productions Ltd
Recommended by Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Magazine as one of the top 5 best bedtime buys for sleep.
This CD has proven to be successful with children from 2yrs to 12 years old.

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