Sleep Sleep Sleep now... child (CD)


Does your toddler/child have difficulty settling to sleep?  This unique CD has been designed to settle toddlers and children to sleep through a process of storytelling and relaxation.  You will be amazed at how easily your child falls asleep!


Establishing  a good bedtime routine is vital to enable your toddler/child to settle to sleep peacefully.  This CD is designed to be part of your child’s bedtime routine which could include supper, bath and a story which should be listened to when they are in their bed.  Children are soothed by music and the sound of a gentle calming voice.  Relaxing music, stories and nursery rhymes is a helpful way to promote your toddler/child’s emotional wellbeing.  These two great stories are based on well known nursery rhymes.  The rhythm of the story telling and the music are an ideal combination to relax and lull your child into a calming peaceful sleep.

Track one ‘Twinkle and the magic carpet’ 26 minutes

Twinkle is a story based on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  This calming story follows Georgia and her magic carpet on a quest to find Twinkle who has fallen asleep and drifted down to earth. The gentle ambient music is accompanied by a soft rhythmic Shhhhh sound which continues for several minutes after the story to lull your child to sleep and dream.

Audio Anna Rowe.  Written and produced by Anna Rowe and Val Clews

Track two ’Wee Willie Winkie and the Town Clock’ 26 minute  

This rhyming lyrical story follows the imagination of a child with his toys and friends at play. This beautiful adaptation is based on Wee Willie Winkies adventures around the town clock which is ticking and tocking towards 8 O’clock.  The soft ambient music is accompanied by the rhythm of a gentle tick tock which continues for several minutes after the story to lull your child to sleep and dream.

Audio Val Clews.  Written and produced by Val Clews and Anna Rowe

Music by: Paul Ferguson

©& (p) 2010 Natural Harmony Productions Ltd

Adults - This is a powerful CD.  Do not listen to this CD whilst driving

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