Sleep Sleep Sleep now... adult (CD)


Are you having trouble sleeping? This powerful CD has been produced to calm your mind and relax your body guiding you easily and gently into a deep and relaxing sleep.  


This beautiful CD has been specifically designed with you in mind to restore natural healthy sleep. Difficulty sleeping can often be a natural response to stress, worry or unhealthy thought patterns. This can often cause feelings of anxiety and frustration leading to more stress and even more difficulty sleeping. This exquisite sleep CD promotes healthy sleep as your body relaxes and your mind calms to a beautiful blend of music and a soft hypnotic voice guiding you easily and gently into a deep and relaxing sleep.

Track one ‘Introduction provides information and advice to help improve your sleep.

Track two ‘Sleep Relaxation’ embraces a blend of soft background music with gentle hypnotic suggestions guiding the listener to relax body and mind enabling you to drift easily into a deep dreamy sleep.

Track three: 'Breathing Gently and Slowly to Sleep'  is a blend of gentle background music with a soft hypnotic voice guiding you gently to sleep. This unique Shhhhh sound which induces slow rhythmic breathing, allowing your mind to calm and your body to relax enabling you to drift into a wonderful deep slumber.

Audio Anna Rowe. Written and produced by Anna Rowe and Val Clews.

Music by:  Paul Ferguson

©& (p) 2010 Natural Harmony Productions Ltd

You should not listen to this CD whilst driving a car or operating machinery

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