Anna Rowe & Val Clews



Anna Rowe

Anna is a therapist and runs her own private practice in Brighton, where she has built a strong reputation amongst clients, students and health care professionals. Anna’s knowledge and empathic nature has drawn adults and children to her private practice, she utilises her many areas  of her expertise (Reiki, NLP and Hypnosis). Specializing in sleep disorders, stress, anxiety, depression, postnatal depression,  exam nerves, lack of confidence, phobias, weight loss, public speaking and sports performance. 

Anna  is well known for her calming hypnotic voice.  After many requests from clients Anna embarked upon writing and recording Relaxation and Sleep CDs. Anna was later joined by  her colleague Health Professional Val Clews. Together using their knowledge and expertise  they have co-written and produced  the best evidence based and unique products to meet your needs when you need them most.

Anna was trained by the co-originator of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler and World Famous hypnotist Paul McKenna.  Anna is often part of the assisting team for Paul McKenna’s Weight Loss Seminars in London, UK.

Val Clews: co - author

Val is a qualified Nurse and has worked as a health professional for many years.  Initially hospital based but for the past 15 years Val has been working in the community.  

As a Health Visitor Val has developed the knowledge and skills necessary to support individuals and families. A major part of Val’s role included managing and facilitating acute and therapeutic groups for women with postnatal depression and supporting women their partners and children at home.

Practising as a health visitor has enabled Val to develop specialist knowledge in sleep disorders, behavioural problems, anxiety and stress management, social isolation, teenage pregnancy and child protection.  Val has delivered comprehensive services for the newborn baby and children including premature babies, fostering and adoption.

Angela Howard PR

Angela Howard

Angela Howard handles Public Relations for Natural Harmony Productions.  Dealing with TV, Radio, Newspapers and Magazines.  Angela is an expert in journalism with an in-depth knowledge of the media having worked on the inside in television, radio and national newspapers.

                      Anna is continually working on new products

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