Relax on Long-haul flights (CD)


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If you are an anxious traveller and are looking for a solution to relax you prior and during a flight look no further. This CD has been written with specialist advice from travel professionals who expressed a need to relax completely from their clients in order that the whole travel experience is improved.

Track one: The inner smile: Total running time 8 minutes.
The inner smile was taught in ancient China by the Taoists which insured health,
happiness and longevity. This is a beautiful technique that can change your state from
anxious to feeling very calm. It can be used before or during a flight.
Audio Anna Rowe: Written by Anna Rowe
Track two: Guided Relaxation. Total running time 54 minutes.
This guided relaxation will help you to relax while any stress, tension and worry just melt
away. The combination of Anna’s soft hypnotic voice is intertwined with ambient music and a comforting Shhhhh sound induces slow rhythmic breathing allowing your mind and body to completely relax. This continues after the guided relaxation allowing you to feel calm and totally relaxed.
Audio Anna Rowe: Written and produced by Anna Rowe
Music by: Paul Ferguson
©& (p) 2010 Natural Harmony Productions Ltd


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